PERFORMANCE: A 13 hour delay in treatment caused a former police officer to have to undergo an avoidable leg amputation it has emerged.

The delay is now likely to lead to a six-figure settlement by the Nottingham University Hospitals Trust which has accepted it was at fault.

Dennis Stewart, aged 52, was taken to Nottingham City Hospital in December 2010 with a severe pain in his left leg, caused by a blood clot.

It took 13 and a half hours for him to be seen by a specialist at the city’s Queens Medical Centre.

Surgeons carried out an operation to remove the blood clot but days later Mr Stewart’s leg had not recovered and had to be amputated.

The trust has already paid the police officer £50,000 in recognition of its liability and to assist him while legal negotiations to settle the case continued.

Mr Stewart has now been diagnosed with terminal cancer and says he wants to spend the money and make what time he has left worth it.

Mr Stewart – who is not married and doesn’t have any children – said he wanted to spend the cash on bettering his quality of life and even travelling the world.

Dr Stephen Fowlie, medical director for Nottingham University Hospitals Trust, said: “We are very sorry that Mr Stewart’s treatment was delayed, with such distressing consequences.

“We hope to reach a final settlement as soon as possible.”