PERFORMANCE: Nottingham University Hospitals Trust faces a fine of approximately £40,000 after exceeding its of clostridium difficile target.

The trust has reached a deal with Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group that it will only be fined for cases in which it could have been reasonably expected to prevent the infection.

Since April the trust has recorded 44 infections of c.difficile against a target of 31 for the year to date. Over the past 10 years the trust has reduced the rate of c. difficile infections by 63%.

A spokeswoman for the trust said: “Like all hospitals, NUH faces financial penalties when it falls below the required safety and quality standards, including agreed C diff reduction rates.

However, NUH and NHS Nottingham City Clinical Commissioning Group have agreed that 80 per cent of the penalty will be returned to the hospital, providing it demonstrates that it is doing all it reasonably can to prevent cases.”

Since April the trust has one case of MRSA attributed to the hospitals which is above the agreed target of zero cases. The trust has reduced cases of MRSA bacteraemia by 95 per cent in the last 10 years.