FINANCE: The primary care trust booked quality, innovation, productivity and prevention (QIPP) savings of just £6.8m in the first eight months of 2011-12, against a plan to have saved £11.5m by that point.

NHS Oldham is forecasting full-year savings of £10.9m - £8m below its savings target, according to the latest finance report of the Greater Manchester PCT cluster.

“NHS Oldham initially identified a non recurrent revenue gap of £11.9m, and added a further £7m to the target to provide additional recurrent headroom,” the report stated. “Evidence based savings to date indicate a forecast outturn of £10.9m but stretch targets should ensure that an additional £1.5m is achieved to deliver the planned surplus.

“Programmes of concern are those with the largest QIPP target; urgent care (achieved £1.1m against forecast of £2m) and planned care (achieved £2.7m against forecast of £3.6m).”

Oldham’s overall surplus at the end of November was £676,000, against a target of £1.3m to that point in the year.