Health secretary Nicola Sturgeon will today launch the new NHS inform one-stop health advice service.

The NHS inform website and non-emergency telephone helpline will give members of the public in Scotland the chance to seek general advice on everything from alcohol consumption to finding a dentist.

The £550,000 service will be run by NHS 24 and is intended to complement that service, which is for callers who have symptoms and are seeking advice on treatment.

There are also plans to provide face-to-face information to members of the public, but the launch date for this has not yet been set.

The website,, also provides a health A to Z of illnesses and answers to common questions such on sexual and mental health.

Ms Sturgeon will receive a demonstration of the new service in Glasgow before she chairs the NHS 24 annual review.

She said: “It will allow people to access trusted information where they need it, when they need it and how they need it.”

The NHS 24 annual review will be followed by a public question and answer service.

The NHS inform helpline number is 0800 22 44 88.