PERFORMANCE: Delayed transfers of care in Oxfordshire have fallen from their peak in March, but remain well ahead of plan.

Oxford University Hospitals Trust’s performance framework for July said there were 87 delayed discharges in May’s snapshot, against a plan of 39.

The year to date saw 210, against a plan of 87. Both scores were red rated.

The report reads: “Delayed discharges remain a major concern for the trust.” But, it adds: “The provider action plans are now being implemented and the system wide delays have reduced from 201 in March to 159 at May 20.”

Delayed transfers of care also prevented the trust from delivering its quality, innovation, productivity and prevention efficiency plan in full by “downsizing” last year.

An update on the trust’s 2011-12 business plan reads: “QIPP only partially delivered.

“In particular, numbers of delayed transfers of care did not fall and, therefore, relevant downsizing was not possible.”