PERFORMANCE: Delayed transfers of care are proving hard to reduce at University Hospitals of Oxford Trust, and are “crowding out” other elective activity.

The trust’s finance report for March says: “Delayed transfers of care continue to ‘crowd out’ other elective activity.

“This has an impact on the achievement of referral to treatment targets and may have a financial impact either in the form of penalties imposed by commissioners for failure to meet these targets or because the trust has to pay to transfer the activity to other healthcare providers or engage in premium rate working.”

The trust’s performance report says: “Delayed transfers of care are proving hard to reduce, but during December the position has improved slightly to 9.1 per cent of occupied bed days. This level of DTOCs will continue to cause increasing operational difficulty during the winter months.

“However, the [trust] continues to work with colleagues across the local health and social care network. The total number of DTOCs across the system has continued to rise since the New Year and currently 19 February 2012 stands at 197.”