FINANCE: Shadow clinical commissioning groups in Oxfordshire have been given responsibility for more than two thirds of the county’s total commissioning budget for 2011-12.

June board papers for the Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire primary care trust cluster show that of the total £934m budget for the Oxfordshire, £644m would be devolved to shadow CCGs.

The remaining £291m would be excluded “either because it is non recurrent or will probably be managed by regional specialist services, local authorities and the NHS Commissioning Board”.

At present only 35 per cent of the commissioning budget for Oxfordshire, or £330m, is controlled by GPs under practice based commissioning.

The £644m total includes £289.5m of acute care spending – again more than two thirds of the £413m total spend on acute care in Oxfordshire.

Budgets for community hospitals, which were already being commissioned by GPs, will be distributed according to the “fair shares” weighted population formula.

Mental health services, excluded from practice based commissioning, will again not be commissioned by clinicians in 2011-12.