Oxehealth and Coventry and Warwickshire Partnership Trust: Innovative technology to improve dementia care in mental health

The trust installed a digital care assistant which detects patient movement in bedrooms at Manor Hospital in an attempt to reduce falls during the night. By alerting staff via a central monitor if patients are on the edge of the bed or are trying to get out of bed, it enables them to intervene to prevent falls.

This has led to a 33 per cent reduction in falls at night and a reduction in the severity of falls with moderate falls reduced from eight per cent to two per cent of the total. But the use of the technology has also reduced accident and emergency demand (representing a £99,000 saving per year) and saved clinical time. Staff can replay a short video of any falls, enabling them to decide if the patient had hit their head: this has led to a 71 per cent reduction in hours spent on enhanced observation, a potential saving of £154,000 a year. The Oxehealth technology has been supported by staff, patients and carers, and refined to meet the trust’s needs.

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