As the Patient Safety Congress turns nine, HSJ launches a new channel to promote the best thinking in this critical area

The first Patient Safety Congress was held nine years ago, gathering just 50 people to discuss what was, then, thought of as a niche interest. Patient safety science was considered an academic pursuit and it was a challenge for practitioners to flag patient safety as a board-level concern.

In the years that followed, national focus has completely shifted, with patient safety now seen as an organising principle of care.

The Patient Safety Congress has played an essential role in ensuring that those who strived nine years ago to improve safety were supported, and since our first event 10,000 people working to improve patient safety have attended the event.

They’ve spent over 300 hours networking, learning and sharing their experiences, and our community has been drivers of change across the system. HSJ is proud to continue to organise this event, which supports providers to transform the rhetoric on improving patient safety into their organisation’s reality.

To ensure that this essential learning is accessible to our wider HSJ audience, we are pleased to announce we are launching this Patient Safety channel. The channel will offer:

  • Curated content of the latest articles on patient safety from HSJ
  • Exclusive video interviews, podcasts and webinars from Patient Safety Congress speakers such as Neil Churchill, director of patient experience at NHS England and Ruth May, director of nursing for NHS Improvement.
  • Exclusive write-ups of key case studies on patient safety best practice, with tangible takeaways and solutions

With over 70 per cent of acute trusts in attendance, the congress is in the diary of chief executives and frontline staff alike, with board to ward from across the country coming together to focus on what matters most to providers: the safety and experience of their patients.

At the heart of our content are practical, applicable case studies, including over 35 case studies selected from the HSJ Awards shortlists. With 60 expert judges rigorously evaluating entries, the case studies are of unmatched quality, offering the latest best practice from across the country.

This year there will be crucial updates from national bodies on policy developments in the safety and quality field. Confirmed speakers include chief executive Jim Mackey (NHS Improvement), director of patient safety, Mike Durkin (NHS England) and renowned international patient safety and experience experts such as Jason Wolf, President of the Beryl Institute.

Only through working together can providers ensure that they are supporting staff to be the best they can be, preventing harm and improving patient experience. Everyone has a role to play in ensuring the NHS workforce is fit for purpose: don’t miss out.

Listen to Neil Churchill’s podcast here.

What they are saying

“Invaluble for my job role – have been given food for thought.” Senior sister, critical care, Mid-Cheshire Hospital

“This is an avenue for networking and sharing excellent practice from other organisations.” – divisional matron, surgery, Luton & Dunstable University Hospital Foundation Trust

“We send someone each year, this is how we keep up to date.” – patient safety manager, University Hospitals Bristol