‘Numerous trusts are acting unlawfully… denying patients an innovative and cost-effective treatment,’ writes NICE chair Sir Michael Rawlins in a recent HSJ article. Read the article, listen to the BBC’s follow-up and share your views.

Readers say

‘NICE do need to appreciate how finance operates within the NHS - the High Court may also be unaware of the many pressures on budgets. If we are to implement NICE recommendations we will need a system that operates the way NICE thinks it should.’

‘There are plenty of financial mechanisms in the acute trust contract schedules, like pass through payments, prior approvals etc - the trouble is not all commissioners include medicines because the focus is on e.g. activity in emergency admissions or OP referrals etc - and not all acute CEOs sign their contracts either. Levers are there as is the insight into provider business planning, it’s mostly a combination of capacity and chaotic reforms that don’t help.’