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    Paul Corrigan and Ben Page on PCT accountability


    If public services really were owned by the public, accountability would always be at the core of their business. But since this is not the case, all public services must continuously review how they are held accountable.

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    Change of view: improving primary care


    GPs in Essex were stimulated by the arrival of an alternative provider contract in their patch, say Hilary Ayerst and Paul Corrigan

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    Improvement culture: four tools for driving change


    Making things better is less about the nitty gritty than values, leadership, will and skill

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    The scrutiny mutiny


    SCRUNTINY: What sort of scrutiny can health managers expect from local councils? Paul Corrigan describes a pilot study in which councillors were more interested in being constructive than in settling old scores

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    Here's looking at you, kid


    The NHS should welcome local authority scrutiny committees monitoring its services. Only politics and ignorance are preventing it from doing so, says Paul Corrigan