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    David Flory: payment by results tariff will be right, not rushed


    The Department of Health will postpone plans to introduce a new payment by results tariff next year if it cannot prevent it from financially destabilising specialist hospitals.

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    Cut short hospital stays to lower admissions


    The data packs recently made available by the Department of Health to all primary care trusts as part of world class commissioning bundle together a wide range of measures to help PCTs measure their own performance. They also reveal some interesting insights.

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    NHS subcultures


    When I am engaged in yet more discussions on what we do, why we do it, how we do it, to formulate yet another options document, assessment of service document, taking stock document, predicting the future document... there is one observation that I believe illustrates the starting positions of two ...

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    Drive down NHS costs, raise quality: just a normal day at the office


    While Alistair Darling's speech in the Commons on Monday barely mentioned the NHS, the small print of the chancellor's pre-Budget report spells the end of the era of rapid funding growth and big surpluses.

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    PbR tariff for next year delayed until January


    The final payment by results tariff for 2009-10 will be published in January, around three months late.

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    NHS marketing - who needs it?


    I am currently working through the marketing strategy module. It is early days and the textbook is certainly the largest and heaviest handed out.

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    PbR: bugs, buts and bull riding


    Ever wondered which has the greatest number of bugs - Microsoft Windows or NHS HRG3.5?

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    Delivering cat food vs delivering healthcare


    Type PbR into Google and as of end September 2008 you will get 6.9 million hits. The first two are what you and I understand PbR to mean.

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    Direct response to payment by results


    The development of a tariff, designed with significant clinician and stakeholder involvement, is a direct response to NHS feedback that the current classification system does not appropriately recognise the range in complexity of procedures and treatments and current clinical processes. This is its main, and as the article recognises, laudable ...

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    Trusts on edge as draft payment by results tariff runs into trouble


    The Department of Health could be heading for a re-run of the chaos that saw the publication of the 2006-07 payment by results tariff just one week before the start of the financial year. A draft tariff for 2009-10 is being road tested in secret in the West Midlands, but ...

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    Audit Commission report highlights clinical coding errors


    Errors in payment by results coding are throwing off payments by around 5 per cent.

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    Coding errors distort bills for PCTs


    Up to 1bn of the bills hospital trusts sent primary care trusts last year could be wrong, tests by the Audit Commission have suggested.

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    Darzi speak: the new jargon


    Health minister Lord Darzi's report introduces some new acronyms and jargon. Here's a brief guide

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    Payment by results is a blunt tool


    Simon Stevens' piece on payment by results summarised some of the shortcomings of the system, but not all the disadvantages as seen from a commissioning and public health viewpoint, writes Peter Brambleby

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    Finding the perfect non-executive


    How can trusts choose non-executives who are up to the demands of a rapidly changing NHS? Here, we look at the qualities that make a great NED

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    Simon Stevens on improving payment by results


    In my last column , I discussed evidence on how payment by results is actually working.

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    Tim Straughan on improving NHS data collection


    The 2008-09 NHS operating framework is clearly a catalyst for improving healthcare provision through better data collection and use.

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    NHS changes 'are yet to deliver'


    Payment by results has yet to deliver significant improvements, according to a report published today by the Audit Commission. Under PbR, productivity has not risen greatly although the report conceded that the policy had not borne out fears it would damage patient care by cutting costs.

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    Auditor finds PbR has 'questionable' impact on efficiency


    Payment by results has had a 'questionable' impact on driving up efficiency in the NHS, the Audit Commission has concluded.

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    Payment by results consultation published


    The results of a consultation on the future of payment by results have been published by the Department of Health.