FINANCE: The trust expects Manchester and Oldham primary care trusts to decommission “significant” amounts of activity at the trust, a report on its 2011 budget book states.

The report, to the trust’s 31 March board meeting, states: “The trust has yet to receive a formal contract offer from its lead commissioner [Oldham] or NHS Manchester. Negotiations continue and it is hoped that contracts will be signed off in the near future.

“Early indications are that PCTs intend to decommission/deflect significant levels of activity away from the trust in 2011-12.”

It continues: “The trust will require PCTs to provide assurance that deflections schemes are realistic and robust and that the impact on trust services that are currently provided will be managed through a reasonable transitional period.

“The overall effect of decommissioning proposals will need to be fully understood in terms of delivery and non delivery across the health economy.”