STRUCTURE: Pennine Acute Hospitals Trust has opened community vascular clinics within the community setting for Tameside and north Manchester residents.

The new consultant-led clinics are held at Higher Openshaw Primary Care Centre, and offer a range of outpatient vascular services aimed at treating patients with conditions such as abdominal aortic aneurysm, peripheral arterial disease, venous disease, lymphodema and vascular trauma.

The trust hopes that the new service will help raise awareness of the disease with local residents, so that people can take preventative action to avoid vascular conditions, and also ensure that those suffering with the condition get the treatment they need at an early stage.

Consultant vascular and endovascular surgeon and clinical lead, Dr Oshodi, said: “We’re keen to make GPs and patients aware of the new vascular clinics being offered by the Trust. The aim behind the new service is to not only help improve access to vascular services for Tameside residents, but also improve their whole quality of life and cardiovascular health.”