A consultant who led the health targets and finances team of Tony Blair’s delivery unit has been appointed as the new health adviser to 10 Downing Street.

Paul Bate will become senior adviser on health and social care to David Cameron from April. The Prime Minister is appointing a series of new advisers to strengthen the number 10 team.

He led the targets and finances team in the then prime minister’s delivery unit between 2003 and 2006, where he worked on major initiatives including elective waiting times, healthcare acquired infections and cancer services.

In 2006 he became director of consultancy for 2020 Delivery.

2020 Delivery director David Seymour told HSJ Mr Bate’s role would not be to press the Department of Health to meet its targets, as under the Delivery Unit, and more to review health policy for number 10 from outside the department.

Mr Bate has also worked at consultants McKinsey & Co.