The Appointments Commission has announced the reappointment of six strategic health authority chairs.

The following will serve second four year terms of office from 1 July: Elisabeth Buggins at NHS West Midlands, Sir Peter Carr at NHS North East, Geoff Harris at NHS South Central, Sir David Henshaw at NHS North West, Keith Pearson at NHS East of England and Kathryn Riddle at NHS Yorkshire and the Humber.

Appointments Commission chair Anne Watts said: “It is clear that the challenges facing the NHS in the coming years are considerable. I am confident that Elisabeth, Peter, Geoff, David, Keith and Kathryn will be able to provide the strategic leadership required if the NHS is to rise to those challenges. I look forward to continuing to work with them and the other SHA chairs.”

NHS East Midlands chair Sir John Brigstocke has announced he will retire in May, and the commission will be looking for a replacement.

Chairs at London, South West and South East Coast SHAs are not at the end of their terms.