Andrew Dillon, chief executive, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence

The unflappable Andrew Dillon has been his chair Mike Rawlins’ (7) right hand man in their battle to repair the National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence’s public image.

No year has been more challenging than this one, with relentless press broadsides, concerted campaigning by everyone from drug groups to patient organisations and a review on top ups potentially set to change the landscape within which NICE operates.

As well as the extra responsibility and profile that will come with the organisation’s boosted remit following the next stage review, there is increasing pressure for the organisation to reappraise the formula it uses to judge whether drugs are cost effective.

Against this hair raising backdrop, Mr Dillon has continued to drive forward NICE’s work with a calmness and focus that makes it clear why he is the right managerial leader for this organisation.