WORKFORCE: Peterborough and Stamford Hospital Foundation Trust has appointed 30 specially trained nurses to help enhance the understanding of dementia and its care for patients and carers at Peterborough’s City Hospital.

Donna Mizell, the trust’s lead nurse for medicine of the elderly, said: “We wanted to provide additional training to raise awareness and supply further education about dementia. This is not only in line with national guidance from the Department of Health, but it will improve the quality of care for people suffering with dementia in a number of ways, such as decreasing their length of stay in hospital.”

Funding was provided by the East of England strategic health authority. The trust worked with its neighbouring mental health provider, Cambridgeshire and Peterborough NHS Foundation Trust, to carry out the nurse’s training.

The champions will be easily identifiable to staff, patients and carers by the distinctive Forget Me Not blue flower badge on their uniforms.

They will be stationed in a number of wards across the trust and supported by 27 other nurses who have undertaken dementia basic awareness training.

Ms Mizell added: “Our champions are looking forward to their role in supporting hospital staff in terms of raising awareness of dementia and helping staff to manage behaviours in a busy environment and advising on day to day management.”