Nine in 10 Royal College of Physicians doctors want the NHS shake-up to be scrapped, it has been reported.

The study shows that 92.5 per cent of RCP members want the Health and Social Care Bill withdrawn, according to the Observer, which said it had seen the findings.

The report comes on the eve of the RCP’s emergency meeting to discuss the controversial reforms.

The leadership of the College has been coming under pressure from some members over its willingness to continue negotiations with ministers on the Bill.

Last week, more than 30 fellows and members of the College wrote to the Daily Telegraph saying its president, Sir Richard Thompson, should not have accepted an invitation to a Downing Street summit last Monday.

David Cameron held the meeting with organisations willing to continue discussions over the bill but several major royal colleges, health organisations and unions opposed to the bill were not invited.

On Monday afternoon the RCP will hold an extraordinary general meeting of fellows to discuss the bill.

There will also be a vote on whether to survey fellows and members on whether they accept or reject plans laid down in the bill.

No decision on the RCP’s position will be made on the day.

The Observer said the overwhelming hostility of RCP members was revealed in a survey by, a website coordinating moves by anti-bill doctors to persuade the royal colleges to reject the reforms.

The site is run by four doctors who sit on the ruling council of the British Medical Association, who are acting in a personal capacity, the newspaper said.

Dr David Wrigley, one of the site’s coordinators, told the newspaper: “This huge opposition to the health bill we see in our survey flies in the face of the rather placatory approach to the bill we have seen from many medical royal colleges in the last 18 months, including the RCP.”

An RCP spokeswoman said: “At our extraordinary general meeting we will discuss whether to formally survey all our 26,000 fellows and members on their views about the Health and Social Care Bill.

“The RCP continues to have serious concerns about the reforms and has been lobbying vigorously for changes to the bill since its publication.”