The GP at the centre of a row at prime minister’s questions last week has said his views on NHS reform were misrepresented.

Dr Howard Stoate, a former Labour MP who stepped down at last year’s general election, accused David Cameron of using the NHS as a “political football” and said his views about GPs powers were “taken out of context”.

Mr Cameron told the Commons last week that Dr Stoate supported his controversial plan to introduce GP commissioning for the NHS in England.

The PM later drew heavy criticism from the opposition bench for using a TV advert catchphrase made famous by Michael Winner when he told Labour MP Angela Eagle to “calm down dear”, after Ms Eagle sought to correct his claim.

Dr Stoate, writing in the Guardian, he said the PM created an “entirely misleading” impression of his views.

The GP had previously written that discussions with his colleagues revealed “overwhelming enthusiasm for the chance to help shape services for the patients they see daily”.

But he said these previous comments had referred only to GPs in his local area of south London - not nationally - and that they had had a “head start” over others as they had gained experience of commissioning health services over the past four years.