• NHS England to visit all providers and professional bodies to check plans are in place for Brexit
  • Matthew Swindells said NHS England now has 150 to 200 people working in national and regional Brexit teams
  • NHSE also working with Department for Transport to ensure “continued” supplies of medicine

NHS England will conduct a “rolling tour” of NHS providers to ensure everyone is “geared up” for a possible no-deal Brexit. 

Speaking at today’s board meeting, Matthew Swindells, NHS England’s deputy chief executive, said: “Over the next three weeks we will be conducting a rolling tour around the country talking to NHS providers and professional bodies to make sure we know what plans are in place and everyone is geared up to deal with [Brexit].”

The national director of operations and information also said NHS England “now [has] 150 to 200 people embedded in regional and national teams to coordinate and prepare [for the UK’s exit]”.

Mr Swindell’s also confirmed it is working with the Department for Transport to ensure “continued” supplies of medicine, non-medical equipment and non-medical consumables such as food.

He said: “If they do what they need to do, then the NHS is geared up to handle the flows that come out of that”.

HSJ has asked NHS England for further details about what will be discussed during the exercise and what trusts needed to do, but was unable to provide any further information at this time.

NHS trusts are increasingly flagging up and responding to risks around a no-deal Brexit. As reported today, a trust in London believes its pharmacies could be at increased risk of burglary, as concerns about drug shortages mount.