Many of London's 6,000 GPs and teams might take exception to NHS London's perception that 'just over half of people support the proposal that almost all GP practices should be part of a polyclinic', writes Sue Broome

In a survey of just over 1,500 patients accessing GP services across 24 primary care trusts in London in April, a staggering nine out of 10 said they would prefer to see more investment in their local surgery, than see the GP move to a polyclinic.

A further six out of 10 still did not know what a polyclinic was.

Why do we doubt the alleged "support" for the polyclinic model? Because the consultation did not ask people whether they wanted them? Or because a third of respondents were NHS employees and more likely to be informed, as opposed to patients whose access to local health services may have already been decided?

We have yet to see any real clinical evidence and financial modelling as to how polyclinics will improve care.

Sue Broome, director of communications, Londonwide local medical committees