PERFORMANCE: Elective and outpatient activity levels are rising faster than predicted at Portsmouth Hospitals Trust, despite a drop in demand for emergency services.

August board papers said that at the end of June, cumulative activity levels for 2013-14 were above plan for baseline elective admissions by 5.21 per cent.

“This excludes the £3.5m of additional elective activity which is assumed in the financial plan”, the papers added.

However non-elective admissions are below plan by 4.93 per cent. Although A&E attendances rose year on year by 2 per cent, they were still below plan for the year to date by 3.06 per cent.

New outpatient attendances were cumulatively 9.82 per cent above plan at the end of June and follow-up attendances 1.49 per cent cumulatively above plan for 2013-14.