FINANCE: Portsmouth Hospitals Trust had run up a £8.1m deficit – more than twice the size of the one planned – by the end of October.

The trust recorded a £700,000 deficit in October, on top of a £7.4m deficit in the year to September. The October position was £4.4m adrift of plan.

It reported a pay overspend of £800,000, mainly associated with emergency activity, a £700,000 overspend reflecting pressures on clinical supplies, and a £2.7m overspend relating to efficiency schemes.

The trust had overperformed on its local contract by £5.6m by the end of September – however this was before marginal rates were applied, meaning that income was only £1.3m higher than planned.

The trust lost £1.3m alone from emergency readmissions, and £1.9m from “stranded costs support”.

Portsmouth trust is also forcasting missing out on £3.3m worth of commissioning for quality and innovation payments. Key risks were around: patient experience; dementia; high impact innovations; frail elderly admissions; and paediatric non-elective admissions.