FINANCE: Portsmouth Hospitals Trust has been forced review its “break even” forecast for the end of the year after breaching the cap on its contract with NHS Hampshire.

The breach will mean the trust will not be paid for at least £700,000 worth of work, reveals the latest finance report.

“The cap on the payments that the trust receives means there is now a significant risk that the trust will continue to perform activity on an ongoing basis this year for which no income may be received,” said the report, which was presented at a public board meeting this month.

“The trust will however incur the costs of treating these patients and the likelihood is that this will cause an adverse variance to the trust’s break-even plan.”

The issue has been raised with the local PCT cluster chief executive and the two commissioning organisations, said the report.

Trust representatives have also met with senior finance staff at NHS South Central.

The trust reported a £1.7m deficit at the end of July, which is £100,000 ahead of the planned position of £1.8m.

Savings achieved totalled £7.6m compared to the planned position of £7.7m.

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