Ministers are preparing a second round of amendments to the Health and Social Care Bill, HSJ has learned.

The government published 181 amendments to the original bill last week, following the Future Forum report on the reforms. A well-placed source has told HSJ to expect more covering the failure regime for trusts, and the designation of services which cannot be closed or reconfigured.

The Department of Health has also been in discussions with the British Medical Association over a set of amendments on patient confidentiality and the use of information.

The changes are either not drafted yet or are not ready for publication, but are understood to follow the aims set out in the government’s full response to the Future Forum report.

HSJ has been told that the amendments will be tabled during the report stage of the bill, after Parliament’s summer recess.

That is likely to anger members of the Commons Health and Social Care Bill committee, which begins taking evidence tomorrow, as MPs will not be able to scrutinise the additional alterations.

A DH spokesman said: “We will look to make the vast majority of our proposed amendments during committee. Some areas will require further work and will be brought forward at Commons report, which is the next available stage.”