Our analysis is based on information collected from clinical commissioning groups and additional research. We identified 268 federations, networks or super practices across 171 CCGs.

The work is based on the information organisations have made available, so may not include every GP federation, network and super practice. We have included in our analysis GP networks, federations and “super practices”. In some cases there is not a clear distinction between each of these types of groups, and between these groups and some large conventional GP partnerships. 

We have not included chains of GP practices which are spread across large regions of the country, such as SSP Health or The Practice.

Click on a CCG area to see whether there are any GP federations, networks or super practices operating within it. Where no names are shown, no GP groups have been identified. Some organisations will be named in more than one area because they operate across more than one CCG. 

We want to hear more about the GP groups in your area – please contact Nick Renaud-Komiya.

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