A survey has found 49 per cent of London GP practices have one or more vacancies.

The ComRes survey commissioned by Londonwide Local Medical Committees, the representative body for GPs and practice staff, got responses from 628 of 1,317 practices in the capital and asked if they had a vacancy for a GP, a practice nurse or other staff. GPs were the most common vacant role.

Uncertainty over the future of the primary care model was cited by 53 per cent of respondents with a vacancy.

The news comes two months after the launch of the GP Forward View.

Londonwide LMCs chief executive Michelle Drage said: ”GPs feel that the GP Forward View falls far short of what is needed to address the challenges facing general practice in the capital and beyond. If LMCs had been involved from the outset NHS England would have been far better placed to understand the needs of GPs and their patients.

“We are seeing the same mistake repeated with sustainability and transformation plan footprints. Footprints are drawing up plans without speaking to LMCs, the only groups who represent all the local GPs who will have to implement the finalised plans.”