HSJ has mapped the more than 1,900 locations across England which are delivering the covid vaccination, according to NHS England. 

The map includes hospital hubs and primary-care run local vaccination centres, as well as more than 160 large-scale vaccination centres and 650 pharmacy sites. These are based on data from NHS England. 

Hospital hubs are marked in blue, mass centres in orange, pharmacies in yellow and local GP-led centres — which make up almost half of the total sites — in green.

Some sites appear twice, both as mass vaccination centres and local vaccination centres, as they are likely to also have a GP-led service running from the location — in these cases we have plotted both. 

According to NHSE, more than 99 per cent of the population is within 10 miles of a covid vaccination service. HSJ’s map includes an overlay of population density based on Office for National Statistics data. This can be viewed by accessing the map menu at the top left of the map and ticking the box for population density. 

NHSE statistics also show that, as of 21 July, almost 69.6 million doses of covid vaccine have been given, including almost 39 million first doses


Local GP centres: green

Hospital hubs: blue

Mass vaccination centres: orange

Pharmacies: yellow