Performance: The largest ambulance service in the country has come under pressure from its patients’ representative body to prioritise dementia care.

The Patients’ Forum for the London Ambulance Service has called for better access to community care for dementia sufferers and improved training for frontline staff.

Such a move would ensure staff could better assess patients for signs of dementia, it says.

The forum claims that dementia patients often get inappropriately admitted into hospital where they may experience delays in discharge because of limited access to community, GP and social care services.

Malcolm Alexander, chair of the Patients’ Forum said: “We have repeatedly asked the LAS to prioritise dementia care, but they have declined to do so and have not implemented our recommendations.”

A spokesman for London Ambulance Service said improving care to all mental health patients- including those with dementia- was a priority in 2014-15.

“Our commissioners have made additional funding available for training so that we can increase our frontline staff’s awareness and understanding of mental health and dementia, and equip them with the skills to enable them to decide on the best care for these patients.”