More disabled people across London should see sport as a possibility in their lives, according to a joint NHS and local government strategy.

Inclusive and Active 2 is a five-year physical activity strategy to encourage both activity providers and people with impairments in the capital to change their attitudes towards disabled sport.

Richard Barnes, deputy mayor of London, said: “London has made great strides towards becoming a genuinely inclusive city, but there is still much to be done.

“As the next hosts of the Paralympic Games we must be aiming for a city in which sport and physical activity is always accessible for disabled people.

“Inclusive and Active 2 sets out a pathway towards meeting this aim. I urge everyone involved in sport to read it, to adopt it, and to implement it.”

The new strategy highlights five themes to increase opportunities for disabled people to get involved at their preferred level of activity - whether this is swimming, running, weightlifting or any other sport.

These themes are: changing the culture; inclusive activity; more people, more active; diversifying the sector and skilling the sectors. Each includes targeted outcomes which will be incorporated into other policies from NHS London, Greater London Authority and strategic development agency Interactive.

Dr Simon Tanner, NHS London regional director of public health, said: “Inclusive and Active 2 is a blueprint for galvanising partners across the sport, health and disability sectors.

“We need to work together to encourage everyone to get involved in sport and physical activity and improve their health.”