Public services are struggling to achieve customer satisfaction among the people they serve, according to a new report.

Figures from the UK Customer Satisfaction Index revealed that national public services, including the NHS, achieved the second lowest score among the 13 sectors measured.

The picture was repeated for local public services such as GP surgeries, which were also in the bottom half of the customer satisfaction service league table.

The findings were based on a sample of 26,000 adults surveyed annually.

Organisations are measured on 20 individual factors of customer satisfaction in five key areas - professionalism, problem solving, timeliness, quality and efficiency and ease of doing business.

UKCSI chief executive Jo Causon said: “Though the public sector is keenly focused on delivering excellent frontline customer service, it would seem that the public are yet to feel the benefits.”

National public services scored 69 out of 100 in the customer satisfaction survey, placing them in 12th position in the overall sector league table.

Only the utilities sector was ranked lower with a score of 68.

Ms Causon explained: “We have to remember that a number of these organisations are dealing with people in times of great personal stress and this places an even greater emphasis on the need for quality customer focus.”

Local ambulance services came out top in a separate breakdown of local public services with a score of 82 out of 100.