Healios, a pioneer in neurodevelopmental care, transforms lives through innovation, tech-driven diagnostics and a collaborative approach towards mental health care

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In today’s healthcare landscape, quality neurodevelopmental care is more critical than ever.

Healios is emerging as a leading partner for the NHS, offering innovative solutions to the growing demands in autism and ADHD care.

With a track record of over 200,000 clinical sessions and a decade-long collaboration with the NHS, Healios stands at the forefront of change, helping services to increase capacity, reduce waits and improve outcomes across NHS England, Scotland and Wales.

Beyond waiting lists: A deeper look at neurodevelopmental challenges

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Healios’ heads of clinician divisions Helen Gill and Angela Rossi recognise the long waiting lists being faced up and down the country, but they see additional factors contributing to the turbulence currently felt in neurodevelopment.

“The waits are an issue, clearly,” Helen says. “But it’s also only having a single-focused assessment and not taking into account the holistic needs, therefore not getting the right intervention.”

Angela adds: “The longer the wait for assessment, the longer the unmet needs. And the post-diagnostic scenario is equally concerning, varying significantly based on location.

“Post diagnostic services across the UK are a bit of a postcode lottery so it really does depend on what is on your front door as to what’s available to you.

“It’s a difficult situation for everyone and so many people are working incredibly hard to find solutions. We’re determined to work with our partners in the NHS to offer services that can make a transformative difference to those people who need it most.”

Healios: A cut above in neurodevelopmental care

What sets Healios apart is its bespoke virtual platform, Panacea. This platform seamlessly connects families with expert clinicians for online assessments, ensuring accessibility regardless of location and with unparalleled security.

Angela says: “We also have a broad, multidisciplinary team which gives us the scope to offer a more holistic approach in all of the cases we deal with as our clinical team have such significant experience.”

Healios has a decade of experience delivering outcomes and making a real difference in the area of autism and ADHD, but as it looks ahead it’s determined to offer more.

Helen says: “We’re very mindful of coexistence of conditions - we want to make sure that we’re really exploring that, as well as using tech for good as part of our diagnostic offering.”

Positive impact: feedback from service users and partners

Healios’ services are making a positive difference to the lives of children, adults and their families, with a resounding 91 per cent recommending Healios.

  •  “All clinicians were really friendly and engaging, listening to what we were saying and giving feedback. The report was very detailed and gave lots of advice and support on what to do next. The ability to be able to do this in our own home was fantastic.”-Young person who came to Healios for an autism assessment.
  • “Despite the fact I was sceptical about the online format, it was a great process. They took time to listen and I didn’t feel rushed into giving an answer. The staff were friendly and engaged with my son extremely well, making him feel comfortable and relaxed.” - Parent of young person who received an autism assessment from Healios.

And over 80 per cent of Healios’ NHS customers recognise the value it adds to their service and have long-term partnerships utilising the quality services it offers.

  • “By partnering with Healios over the last five years, we have been able to increase and enhance our clinical offering. Healios’ offering is not seen as an alternative, rather, Healios’ approach enhances our vision and interventions.” - Transformation lead for CYP Mental Health Services.
  • “Healios have helped provide additional capacity into our CAMHS teams. They have been flexible and adaptable to our needs.” - Associate director for partnerships and integration.

Find out more

Anyone working for a local service and wanting to learn more about Healios’ pathway can visit: https://contact.healios.org.uk/neurodevelopmental-care