FINANCE: Clatterbridge Cancer Centre NHS Foundation Trust has been awarded £680,000 from the Government’s £15m Cancer Radiotherapy Innovation Fund.

The initiative was launched by David Cameron and the Health Secretary last year to enable more patients to be treated using Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT), a more accurate form of radiotherapy which has less risk of side effects.

IMRT works by targeting a tumour with more precise doses of radiation, while minimising the damage done to surrounding healthy tissue.

The Clatterbridge Cancer Centre boasts one of the largest radiotherapy centres in the UK, and unlike many centres, has been offering the relatively new IMRT technique for over 5 years to radical patients. Radical radiotherapy is used to try and get rid of cancer cells completely.

Dr Brian Haylock, clinical director for radiotherapy, said: “We aim to offer IMRT to all patients who are suitable for the treatment. As it is more precise, there is less damage to surrounding healthy tissue which means less risk of side effects. Thanks to the funding, employees at the Centre are trained to the highest international standard, further improving the Trust’s provision of the technique.”