The Department of Health has been transparent throughout Professor Neil Douglas's review of Modernising Medical Careers and the Medical Training Application Service, says health minister Ben Bradshaw

In response to Michael White's 23 August column, from the moment the health secretary announced the review in a statement to the House of Commons on 6 March 2007, we acted on the review group's recommendations for changes to this year's recruitment process and these were reported publicly.

For example, on 16 March the DoH issued a press release following the group's third meeting, announcing that all specialty training 3 and 4 applicants would be guaranteed an interview for their first or second choice of training post. And on 4 April the review group issued a statement offering all applicants the chance to re-preference their applications and have an interview for their first choice.

On the day we published Professor Douglas's final report, we also wrote to members of the health select committee, Andrew Lansley, Norman Lamb and Peter Bottomley and placed the report in the House of Commons library.

It was wholly appropriate to publish the report on the MMC website. This is the central information resource for all applicants, deaneries and stakeholders and a link to the report was placed prominently on the front page of the website.

Sir John Tooke is currently conducting an independent review that will address concerns with run-through training and flexibility for recruitment in 2008 and beyond.

Health minister Ben Bradshaw