FINANCE: The south-west London primary care trust’s minutes record the five-PCT sector anticipating having to go into its reserve if the £4m in acute sector challenges saved only £2.7m.

The PCT’s minutes of the January board meeting said acute overperformance had worsened by £1.9m in a month and that “the main reason for the large increase in projected overspends was the introduction of a provision of £1.3m against the risk of the Acute Commissioning Unit not being able to successfully achieve all challenges.”

The paper also reported the finance sub-committee: “continues to raise concerns about the lack of intelligence and amount of action to control expenditure with Trusts outside of the sector, particularly within north-west London.”

The director of commissioning told the meeting the position with the big acute providers had worsened on some contracts but the rate of deterioration had slowed.

Dominic Wright said: “West Middlesex University Hospital (WMUH) had stabilised but Imperial remained the biggest area of concern. Smaller contracts performance had also deteriorated such as Royal Brompton where two patients each were costing £250,000 illustrated the impact.”