An HSJ roundtable, initiated and funded by Sanofi, discussed the impact of common respiratory viruses on system-wide pressures

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This event was fully funded and initiated by Sanofi who worked with HSJ to decide on the topic it covers. HSJ entirely organised the event and retained editorial control over it and this associated report. Sanofi were able to review this report in advance of publication for factual accuracy and compliance checks.

The public, NHS and economy face significant pressures annually from winter respiratory viruses, which require substantial resources to manage; and, with the added burden of covid-19, winter pressures may be further increased.1

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Respiratory syncytial virus is one such condition. It has been estimated that this virus leads to 450,158 GP episodes and almost 30,000 paediatric hospitalisations per typical RSV “season” in the UK.2  In 2017, research suggested English healthcare costs for RSV in children under five amount to £54m a year.3

A recent HSJ  roundtable, initiated and funded by Sanofi, brought together a panel of experts to consider how this burden might be reduced.


  • Julie Combes, programme lead, London Transformation and Learning Collaborative
  • Harriet Edwards, head of policy and external affairs, Asthma + Lung UK
  • Catherine Heffernan, independent public health consultant
  • Simon Nadel, consultant in paediatric intensive care, Imperial College Healthcare Trust
  • Carli Whittaker, incoming president, Paediatric Intensive Care Society
  • Natalya Vassilouthis, global medical expert – vaccines, Sanofi
  • Claire Read, contributor, HSJ  (roundtable chair)

Job bag number: MAT-XU-2202851 (v2.0)

Date of preparation: August 2022


1  The Academy of Medical Sciences, (2021), covid-19: Preparing for the future.  Looking ahead to winter 2021/22 and beyond

2  Taylor S, Taylor RJ, Lustig RL, et al  (2016) Modelling estimates of the burden of respiratory syncytial virus infection in children in the UK BMJ Open  2016;6: e009337. doi: 10.1136/bmjopen-2015-009337

3  Cromer D et al (2017) Burden of paediatric respiratory syncytial virus disease and potential effect of different immunisation strategies: a modelling and cost- effectiveness analysis for England The Lancet Public Health, Volume 2, Issue 8, Pages e367-e374,