PERFORMANCE:  The Royal Surrey County Hospital and the Jarvis Breast Screening and Diagnostic Centre in Guildford are taking part in a £1.6m trial of a new breast imaging machine, which has the potential to detect breast cancer earlier than before. 

The trial, led by the University of Cambridge, will invite around 7,000 women aged between 47 and 73 from across the UK to take part in the three year study.

The study, known as TOMMY, will compare digital breast tomosynthesis, which uses a new imaging machine that takes 3D images, with 2D using mammography.

Improved reading accuracy with 3D images may reduce the number of women without cancer who are recalled to the assessment clinic for further tests following routine screening. Greater accuracy may also help to increase the number of small cancers detected. 

The six centres taking part in the trial are King’s College Hospital in London, the University of Aberdeen, Nightingale Centre in Manchester, Jarvis Breast Screening and Diagnostic Centre in Guildford, Barts and the London NHS Trust and the Glasgow breast screening centre.