FINANCE: Royal United Hospital Bath Trust is £4.8m behind on its cost improvement plan year to date.

A report to February’s board reveals the trust had achieved £9m of savings by the end of January against a plan of £14m. The savings target for the whole year is £17.3m. The report said underachievement of the CIP was being offset by additional income of £3.4m.

It stated: “The current shortfall against the savings target of £5.8m is being offset through non recurrent measures and the over performance against SLA income. At this stage this income has been assumed to be recurrent, this may be challenged by the PCT during the 2012-13 contracting round.

“It is unlikely the trust will close the full £5.7m in year savings gap this year; the focus is to ensure that the full year gap of £4.6m is closed to ensure the trust is in the best position next financial year.”