FINANCE: Commissioners overspent their contract with the Salford Royal Foundation Trust by £1.6m in the first four months of 2012-13, NHS Greater Manchester board papers report.

The primary care trust cluster’s latest finance report shows that Salford Royal earned £61,744,000 for the period, against a contract plan of £60,124,000.

The report states: “Salford Royal FT is the largest contract over spend at £1.6m (2.7 per cent), followed by Bolton Hospital FT £1.6m (4.1 per cent) and Wrightington Wigan and Leigh FT 1.5m (3.2 per cent).

“The over performance at Salford Royal is across a number of points of delivery, with non-elective admissions being particularly high. Areas identified as potential causes of this over performance are clearing of the 2011-12 waiting list, coding issues, and planning assumptions based on 2011-12 activity which may have been atypically low, but these are under investigation.”