WORKFORCE: Staff turnover has resulted in a lack of capacity in NHS Sandwell’s governance function, the primary care trust has told clinical commissioners.

Its “legacy document” to clinical commissioning groups lists a number of workforce risks. These include:

  • Communications - there are small number of staff undertaking this role within the PCT which has left the service at risk. A proposed model is
    being discussed which looks at new ways of working across the Cluster.
  • Governance - the turnover of staff within the Governance function has resulted in a lack of capacity and an agency member of staff is being
    used to cover.
  • Concerns have been noted around the lack of trade union representatives as the majority have been transferred under TCS. However, a meeting has been arranged in May inviting trade union representatives to discuss a Cluster wide staff side framework.
  • Through this period of significant change evidence suggests that anxiety levels will increase amongst staff, an SLA has been agreed
    with Black Country Partnership NHS Foundation Trust to provide staff support including counselling service and stress management training
  • Loss of key organisational knowledge due to implementation of change as identified within national guidance
  • Potential risk of trade union/industrial Action