STRUCTURE: The new Scarborough and North East Yorkshire Health Care Trust chief executive has reported “general enthusiasm” for its integration with York Hospitals Foundation Trust.

In his first report to the trust’s board Mike Proctor - who was previously deputy chief at York - said: “Without exception I have been welcomed into the organisation and there is general enthusiasm for the integration between York and Scarborough and belief that it will result in improved clinical, managerial and financial sustainability.

“I will continue to make myself available to meet GP and PCT commissioning leads and to attend any public gatherings to ensure that the public and others have the opportunity to voice any concerns and for us to answer any questions they may have, which will enable us to allay anxieties.”

Mr Proctor said he and York chief Patrick Crowley had also had a “positive discussion about the future of [the trust’s] Bridlington Hospital” with local MP Greg Knight.

The trusts have established an integration board, with a joint HR and communications leadership.