NHS Improvement has highlighted the sustainability and transformation partnership footprints with the highest proportion of GPs over 55 and facing the greatest risk of having future GP supply problems.

A presentation created by NHSI officials in March, seen by HSJ, shows a breakdown of the proportion of GPs who are over 55 and over 65 in each STP area – read our full analysis here.

In the presentation, the regulator said areas with high proportions of “older” GPs are at greater risk of future workforce supply problems and NHSI highlighted those areas with more than 19 per cent of GPs who are over 55.

The map below reflects data collected by NHS Digital for September 2015. The STP areas in red have the highest proportion of GPs over 55. An updated dataset was published in March 2016, reflecting overall numbers of GPs over 55, but this did not provide a regional breakdown.

The most recent data shows there were 3,649 GPs in England over 55 in December 2016, which is an increase from 3,323 in September 2015.

Map key

  • Red = At least 19 per cent of GPs over 55
  • Orange = 18-18.9 per cent
  • Yellow = 16-17.9 per cent
  • Green = Below 16 per cent

The map above reflects the colour code used by NHS Improvement in its presentation.