Seraphim J Rose Patel

My work in data protection and privacy is a profession and a vocation, to which I bring my passion for knowledge, precision and excellence. My course of education in my field has equipped me with a repertoire of the foremost data protection and security techniques currently available. I constantly educate myself about and learn to apply what is state-of-the-art in data protection and security, and because of this, the services I offer are unsurpassed. I have worked with clients at all organizational levels, from senior executive to shop floor. With each client and organization, and according to what is required of me, my work is integral to ensuring and maintaining customer satisfaction, building customer trust and keeping personal data secure. The field of data protection and security is fast-moving and constantly developing. Any organization whose services involve personal data, whether in telemedicine and the delivery of other medical care and services or otherwise, I feel, should partner with a data-security professional whose theoretical and practical knowledge can always provide the best solutions and protection available. Organizations for whom data protection and security is essential to their business vision and model may thus depend on me to be that professional partner, to ensure that they have the best data protection and  security.  I am collegial, easy-going, but always focused, and have a talent for harmonizing and collaborating with others toward achieving a common purpose. National Award Winner Information Governance Professional of the year.