CLINICAL RESEARCH: A consultant based at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals Foundation Trust who specialises in the fight against motor neurone disease has been awarded senior investigator status from the National Institute for Health Research for outstanding work in her field.

Professor Pamela Shaw, consultant neurologist at the trust and professor of neurology at the University of Sheffield, is one of 19 clinicians and academics across the country newly appointed to the role this year.

She is one of only a handful of appointees who have been awarded the status for the maximum five-year term.

Motor neurone disease is a rare, incurable disease which leaves muscles wasted and weak from damaged nerves. Researchers from Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and the Sheffield Institute for Translational Neurosciences are currently trialling a new device called a diaphragm pacing system, which delivers electric pulses to strengthen the diaphragm, the thin dome-shaped muscle which helps breathing – making life more comfortable for patients who suffer with the illness.