STRUCTURE: Sheffield GPs have agreed to refer musculoskeletal patients to a new website with information about managing their condition.

Practices in the city, in collaboration with other providers, have set up a series of websites including the Sheffield Aches and Pains online tool.

A statement published on behalf of the GPs says: “People will be referred to the Sheffield Aches and Pains online tool after visiting their GP with a problem. Individual websites focus on the most common causes of pain in the back and neck, foot and ankle, arm and hand, elbow, shoulder, hip and knee. There are also sections on how to deal with the pain and how best to prevent problems recurring.”

It adds: “Each website contains downloadable patient information leaflets and exercise sheets, plus video exercise demonstrations, general healthy eating and pain relief advice, as well as sections targeting employers and health care professionals.”

The statement claims the websites had more than 5,000 visits in their first month of operation.