FINANCE: Sheffield PCT is on course to record a small end of year surplus, having made significant savings in recent months.

It was on course to deliver £5m savings identified as required in January, according to March board papers.

The finance report says: “The expenditure position for the 11 months year to date is now one of break-even… The outturn forecast for 2010-11 is a small surplus of £455,000.

This is a significant improvement on the position at Month 10, reflecting the successful achievement of additional savings through the recovery programme, the resolution of various contractual issues with Sheffield Teaching Hospitals and late slippage in spend in a number of areas.

“A mentioned in earlier reports a set of actions focussed on reducing adult secondary (hospital) care both in the short and medium term, these have begun to have significant impact in month 11.”

It added: “Savings of around £2.0m have been secured through contract challenges with acute providers and through the impact of planned actions on activity levels. There have also been “actions to reduce expenditure, where appropriate, in all other budget areas”.