PERFORMANCE: Not enough patients are having a VTE risk assessment on admission to Shrewsbury and Telford Hospital Trust

The problem has led to a red risk rating for February. There were 9,455 adult admissions in January. Manual systems to collect data on the number of VTE assessment forms has been implemented during January.

There have been 951 returns with 212 patients having a completed VTE form giving 22.2 per cent compliance for these patients, and 2.2 per cent of all admission.

In addition the patients deemed to be assessed on a “cohort approach” basis will be around 4,000 which would give a score of approximately 42.3 per cent against a quarter four target of 90 per cent. Combined cohort and manual data would give performance of 44.5 per cent.

The “VitalPac VTE Module” is being piloted in one ward but initial evaluations are not positive and require further discussions with medical teams to engender a positive response.

Medical staff are aware of the NICE requirements for risk assessments and treatment. Evidence suggests that drugs are being prescribed for VTE but the formal risk assessments required by NICE need to be confirmed through a trust wide process and national reporting.