PERFORMANCE: The latest board papers for Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group show the CCG’s concerns over “urgent and emergency care pressures”.

The CCG called a summit to “review with senior managers and clinicians of local providers across the health and social care system the increased pressures being experienced.”

The papers state that a two week action plan has been produced that includes a range of measures to improve communication - particularly with the public, GPs and nursing homes - to increase ambulance capacity and flexibility to reduce the number of patients arriving at hospital late in the day, to improve arrangements for discharging patients from hospital.

It has also asked the local Urgent and Emergency Care network to look at expanding the current monitoring of pressures to include more indicators from primary care, community and social care services “to consider how risk assessment can be undertaken dynamically across the whole system to respond to an increase in pressure and to lead a process of review and learning leading to the updating of escalation plans to incorporate a response to this higher level of demand.”