FINANCE: “Common principles” on the commissioning services likely to “shape the offer” to clinical commissioning groups in the NHS Birmingham and Solihull cluster are emerging, papers say.

A project team is building a definitive list of product lines which relate to the full range of commissioning tasks that CCGs will be responsible for. The final list will be in excess of 200 items which the CCGs will be consulted upon as to whether they want to undertake that task themselves (“do”), whether it will be something they would want to secure through another CCG (“share”) or have provided for them by a CSU (“buy”).

Common principles are beginning to emerge which will shape the offer from a CSU, such as:
*Agreement that jointly commissioned services (children’s and maternity services, mental health and learning disability and continuing health care) will be maintained on the same footprint going forward,
*Areas of commissioning which rely on small numbers of staff with specialist skills and experience might as a single unit provide more business resilience and better risk management for CCGs on a shared or bought-in basis.